CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Horizon Construction owns a large fleet of Construction Equipment. The Company is a pioneer in Road Recycling technology The equipment is available for Hire at affordable rates ROAD ENGINEERING WORKS Horizon Construction Ltd is involved in contracting and executing civil engineering roads including asphalt concrete, cobbled stone and murram REAL ESTATE CONSTRUCTION Horizon Construction Ltd builds High Value Real Estate and Large Scale Housing Projects. We have initiated several building developments in the country And are pioneers in the construction of Green Homes and Cities FACTORY PRODUCTION FOR ASPHALT Horizon Construction manufactures Concrete, Precast Concrete Road Kerbs, Concrete Slabs and Culverts We sell to local and international firms MODERN PRODUCTION PLANT Horizon Construction does in-house production Of construction materials including Asphalt Concrete Road Kerbs, construction blocks and cement works Production plants are located all over the Country

Premier Civil Engineering Company In Rwanda


Horizon Construction is the largest local construction company and has an established track record of successful completion of quality civil engineering projects across Rwanda. Through innovation, dedication and research the company has been a leading adopter of newer technologies including the first Road Recycler in Rwanda and Construction of Green Parks.